Worknote #7: Launching Uneditions, and Developing Project Follow Me

Uneditions screenshot

2014 is kicking off as a busy one for all of us at Storythings. We were very excited to end 2013 by launching our Uneditions, our project with Unlimited Theatre and the Product Research Studio at Dundee University. Uneditions is a new platform for publishing play scripts on mobile devices, using light and sound cues from the play to create a unique and immersive reading experience.

We developed the product over summer using a co-design process funded by the ACE/NESTA R&D programme. The first play published on the platform is The Noise by Unlimited Theatre, and we’re talking to Third Angel and the RSC about future editions in the next few months. We’re really keen to talk to anyone interested in helping us build out the platform, so please get in touch if you’re interested.

Project Follow Me Logo

We’re also kicking off four new projects at the start of 2014, which is always a great way to start the year.

We’re working with our partners Pulse Films on Follow Me – a new cross-platform format for Channel 4. The project is looking at how the web helps us develop crazy ideas and creative projects using our networks. We’re currently looking for interesting creative people to work with us on the project, so if you’re interested, please sign up on the project Tumblr. We’re also developing a new mobile/social product with Pulse for bands on major tours, but we’ll share more details about that in the future.

We’ve got a team of iOS and Android coders working on our project for Penguin, building a new mobile/social app for a really interesting book/film/album project that is launching in the spring. It’s a fantastic project, working with an amazing artist who has been a bit of a hero for us for a while, so we’re really excited to start building and working with them.

The last of the new projects is also working with someone we’ve admired for a long time. We’re working with Graham Linehan to develop some prototype tools to help the writing and production process for TV comedy projects. We’re working with Unlimited Theatre and the Dundee Product research Studio again, further developing the co-design process we used on Uneditions. The project is funded by the TSB as part of a call to develop new software design methodologies, so we’ll be publishing more details and insights into the design process as the project develops.

Finally – The Story is just over a month away, and there’s only 40 tickets left! We announced the final speakers just before Xmas, including Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, who will be talking about his experience of publishing the Edward Snowden NSA revelations. It’ll be the first time he’s spoken candidly about the whole story, so we can’t wait till Feb 21st. See you there!



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